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General Security Awareness Training

General Security Awareness Training

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Sample: General Security Awareness:Security Considerations for Extended Telework Introduction

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Sample: General Security Awareness

General Security Awareness: Online Classes


Practical security training for everyone, Build security confidence within your team

Employees everywhere are using business networks to communicate, collaborate, and access data. Businesses, eager to increase productivity, have embraced the growing integration of network communications. Now more than ever, employees are becoming less dependent on their central office space in order to complete their work. Although this may provide benefits to both employees and employers, network-based collaboration places corporate data within a broader environment that is diverse and difficult to protect.

Infrared Security's General Security Awareness training provides the viewers with information on how to detect and mitigate everyday security threats through relatable scenarios as well as real-world examples for both in the office and work from home scenarios.

General Security Awareness: Course Overview


General Security Awareness training begins with our awareness course that takes the viewer through an average workday, from entering the company building to answering emails at home. It describes in detail the security risks employees face daily in an office setting. The supporting course Security Considerations for Extended Telework takes things one step further and focuses specifically on those added security challenges we encounter today with extensive work from home conditions.

General Security Awareness: Syllabus
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