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Just-In-Time microLessons

Just-In-Time microLessons

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Just-in-Time MicroLesson™: What is SQL Injection?

Just-in-Time MicroLesson™: Exploiting SQL Injection in Java

Just in Time MicroLesson™: Python - Exploiting SQL Injection

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Quick, targeted videos to assist in efficient vulnerability remediation

In today's climate, we are faced with trying to fix an ever-growing number of application vulnerabilities at an increasingly faster pace. With that in mind, Infrared Security is excited to announce the release of our new service: Just-in-Time MicroLessons. This service provides subscription access to 3-minute microlessons built to easily integrate within 3rd party ticketing systems and platforms that disseminate security testing results. Just-in-Time MicroLessons effectively merge continuing education with daily real-world vulnerability remediation, improving time-to-fix and reducing overall risk. The adoption and integration of microlessons assist teams in quickly remediating specific vulnerability classes, providing the educational support you need, when you need it most.

Just-in-Time microLessons: Course Overview


With supported languages and vulnerability classes expanding steadily, improve your team's learning retention and with Just-in-Time microLessons specific to each team member's needs and knowledge. Ultimately, reduce the introduction of vulnerabilities within your applications and reduced time to fix!

Just-in-Time microLessons: Syllabus
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